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Sunday April 14 to Sunday April 21


The Holy Week of Alhaurín el Grande, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, is one of the most important celebrations in this municipality of the Guadalhorce Valley. During these days, the town becomes a small Jerusalem, with processions and live performances of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The Holy Week of Alhaurín el Grande begins on Palm Sunday with the blessing of the bouquets and palms and continues throughout the week until Good Friday.

On Saturday of Glory from midnight there is a live performance of The Resurrection of Jesus carried out by The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno and Santa Vera Cruz.

Resurrection Sunday takes place the Procession of Our Father Jesus Resurrected by the Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazareno to his hermitage of San Sebastian.


Wednesday May 22 to Sunday May 25


Alhaurín el Grande celebrates its May Fair, an event that takes place from Wednesday to Sunday and presents as main novelties the change of location of the municipal house, as well as various improvements to beautify the site where this event takes place .

The fair will start with the cavalcade of giants and big heads, which will precede the lighting of the lighting and the opening of the booths. The gala of choice of the Queen and Mister of the parties will also take place. In addition, during the rest of the days of the week, different music and dance performances will take place.

Saturday will witness an exhibition of dressage and competition of horsemen, amazons and hooks.

On Sunday the party culminates with the fireworks show from the fairgrounds starting at midnight. A golden pin!

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